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10 Places in Milwaukee to Hookup

10 Places in Milwaukee to Hookup

Are you in search for the best place where you can spend hooking up with your date? If this is the case, here is the list of 10 places where it is great to hookup in Milwaukee.

1. Victor’s Cocktail Lounge & Restaurant

During weekends, singles in Milwaukee come out to this place, the reason why might vary. Some wants to go to this place because they cannot get enough of the food such as prime rib and fish fry. (direction)

2. Brisco County Wood

If you are tired for the long week, this place is the best place where you can share some food with your hookup date. They serve a wide selection of comfort foods from salads, steaks, burgers ribs and sandwiches. (direction)

3. Bistro & Beer Garden

Beer, margaritas and tacos – Bistro & Beer Garden has it all. This is why a lot of people are chilling out there. A lot of single are often seen here during the weekends. Plus, this place has a wonderful scenery of the garden and the downtown.

4. Café Hollander

During weekends, people especially single flock here to have a serving of the amazing brunch. Sunday is the best time to go there, however you possibly find families instead of hot and young girls. (direction)

5. Libbby Montana Bar and Grill

In case you didn’t know yet, this bar and grill is the one of the largest indoor sand volleyball establishment in the city today. Happy hours are often extended up to seven in the evening during Friday nights that bodes really well for the typical hooking up. (direction)

6. Alterra on the Lake

Coffee places generally are the best way to meet singles and hookup, however the Alterra Coffee Shop located at the 1701 North Lincoln Memorial Drive is bar the best of them. This place has lots of people coming in and out, and men are certain to met some young women while they are sipping their cup. (direction)

7. Lincoln Memorial Drive

Men who prefer to run, skate, and walk can find a lot of women in Milwaukee who want this place. The stretch of the sidewalk offers a wonderful view of the Lake Michigan at the same time catering a lot of opportunities to meet their hookup. (direction)

8. Water Street

Any of the bars in this area work very well for a place to hookup. Also see this

9. Whiskey Bar

This place is one of the busiest bars in the area throughout the week. You can visit here every Tuesday because the happy hour special works for almost the whole night, which means you will get the most discounts on cocktails and beers. Direction

10. Karma Bar and Grill

This sports bar is mostly frequented by guys. You will find many TV screens that shows different sort of sports. So, there is no reason why you should not visit here and go for your hookup.

If you are single and ready to mingle, take your time to visit these places and you will see. Direction

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